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WordPress Setup Blueprint Guide & Checklists

“Do you really need to learn how to be the ultimate WordPress expert…just to get your blog up and running?”

“Are You Secretly Intimidated by the Thought of Setting up Your Own WordPress Blog?!”

You know you need a blog, and you’re committed to writing posts and articles. There’s just one itty bitty problem…

Wordpress Blog SetupSetting it up.

You’ve seen courses on “learning WordPress” advertised online, but you really don’t want to spend a fortune just to get your blog up and running. And – more than that – you really can’t afford to wait till next week… and the week after that… for each course installment to arrive in your inbox.

You’re so not a designer and you’re nowhere near a “techie”. Your passion isn’t about learning to dazzle the world with WordPress: It’s all about communication and connection.

And watching someone show off their knowledge of the intricacies of plugin creation isn’t your idea of that, at all.

Besides, to be honest, you’ve been stalling about signing up for that WordPress course, haunted by another nagging thought at the back of your mind…

Every Minute You Spend Frittering around with Courses is Money That’s Not Going into Your Pocket

Of course, every minute your blog isn’t yet “live”, speaking for you to people and letting them hear your “voice” and know what you’re all about…is hurting your pocketbook too.

So what would you need in order to feel like sitting down and just getting it done – today?

What would help you end up with a professional-looking blog that loads in quickly and mirrors exactly who you are…in less than an afternoon?

A blog that almost immediately climbs to the front page of the search results…and keeps climbing every time you post?

You want a simple but thorough “How to” guide. One that walks through the process with you… addressing issues you may not even have thought about; ones that can instantly scuttle your best efforts…

…and eliminating information that you really don’t need to know now.

Admittedly, however, there are some things you just can’t cut out – issues that some people rush into and skim over. One of these core secrets is picking the right domain name for your blog (and registering it as easily and inexpensively as possible, while you’re at it!)

Why Choosing the Best Domain Name Is Actually Harder than Setting Up Your Blog

You see, it all starts with your domain name. Get that right and you’ve got one half of your blog setup completed and scoring a big “A+”.

Get it wrong, and all the clever optimization in the world isn’t going to propel you to the top of your niche.

You need to find out (quickly and simply):

  • 2 common-sense ways to choose a strong domain name – without having to resort to hours of research
  • 3 common domain name mistakes to avoid (ones that people make all the time!)
  • 3 strong reasons why hosting your blog on its own domain can save you time and pain
  • The difference between search bots and real people… and how you can get yourself approved by both!
  • The simple 4-line formula to use, when mining for keyword-rich domain names
  • The single most disastrous mistake to open your eyes to, before ever beginning your domain name search
  • 2 easy ways to purchase your domain name – and how to decide which one is the best way one for you

And you won’t have to refer to that section again, next time you set up another blog – because you’ll know exactly how to pick domain names that work.

Without having to consult complex keyword research instructions (that change all the time, anyway).

And, speaking of instructions…

Do Manuals and Guides Usually Put You to Sleep Give You Headaches or Make You Grit Your Teeth in Frustration?

If they do, it may be because you’re a true visual learner. You work best when you look at simple screen shots (not mathematical diagrams, or complex instructions).

The problem with most guides of this sort, however: They show you only one specific system.

Or else they’re so generic, they contain no helpful information at all.

You’d like a “How to” guide that walks through the set up with you, showing you how to “translate” individual peculiarities and quirks of different web hosts and browser into being able to pinpoint what you need to do next… without having to learn the intricacies of WordPress at this particular time.

You’d like a blog setup guide that:

  • Walks you through registering your domain and setting up your Nameservers simply… using the best choices for you
  • Tips you off about the best web hosting companies to choose… and why certain ones may not be right for you
  • Helps you avoid signing up with the perfect-seeming host… only to discover that your blog simply won’t work on their server!
  • Helps you avoid email signup headaches through your cPanel, if you really just want a strong but separate email address for your blog
  • Helps you set up your entire blog through your cPanel… in 14 simple steps you just need to follow along with
  • Pre-answers embarrassing questions you find yourself pondering: Such as “Should this username be the same as that one?” or “How do I find my way out of this page?
  • Shows you how to select and install just the right Theme for your blog vision – by paying attention to 3 simple principles
  • Shows you the true security and optimization essentials to set up and tweak… how to do it… and what not to get sidetracked by
  • Leads you through the whole process in a way designed to get you organically comfortable with WordPress… so that you can continue to explore its powerful features on your own, at your leisure

Step-by-Step Screenshots and Checklists Included!

That’s why we’ve written this detailed but practical “How to” guide, “WordPress Blog Setup Blueprint ”, to help you get set up in less than afternoon… with a thorough optimized blog using up-to-date information to provide powerful positioning.

This is not a labor-intensive membership course: Nor will you have to pay a fortune to outsource. Just grab your guide, sit down…and go!

Why Make Setting Up Your Blog in WordPress Any Harder (or More Expensive) than it Needs to Be?

So how about it? Download our easy, focused guide right now… and if it isn’t the right “fit” for your learning style, enjoy the option of asking for a “no hassle” refund. (It’s backed by our 30-day, no-questions-asked “Money Back” Guarantee!)

It’s time get your blog up and running. Smoothly, helping you connect with your invisible market.

Wordpress Blog SetupYes! I’m Ready to “just do it” – today – and download my own personal copy of the “WordPress Blog Setup Blueprint”. I want to get my blog set up like a pro and start reaching my best audience straight away.

I understand that I have 30 days to look it over and try it out.  If I don’t find it’s the quickest, down-‘n’-dirty, practical Blog Setup Starter GuideI’ve ever discovered, I can simply ask for a full refund (and keep the guide as a thank-you for my faith in trying this product).


I’m looking forward to being easily able to understand:
  • How to pick the best Domain Name for my unique goals (and potential market)
  • What to look for in a Web Hosting Company (and whether or not I need a separate Domain Name Registrar)
  • 6 specific recommendations based on experience – their advantages and drawbacks
  • Step-by-step instructions & screen shots to get me past the “sticky parts”
  • How to set up my Nameservers (it’s such a simple, 2-step process!)
  • A step-by-step walkthrough on installing WordPress through my particular web host’s cPanel (which isn’t a fraction as complicated as it might sound)
  • Helpful screenshots exactly when I need them – and what to do if my screen doesn’t look the same!
  • Selecting and installing the right Theme (and how to find good ones for free)• The one essential plug in to install (and how to do it) – with specific recommendations for 7 more current and useful “essentials”, too
  • A “copy-paste” list of all the best current “ping” sites – I just drop them where the guide shows me
  • How to publish my first post, add a graphic, and pre-schedule even more posts if I wish to so
  • The barebones essentials I need to know about widgets – what they are, and why working with them is such a “non-issue” these days.

All for only $37!

order nowSpeaking of which, “WordPress Blog Setup Blueprint” is also full of in-the-trenches tips; like how to create an HTML-heavy graphic in your sidebar widget… without knowing a word of code.

There are better ways to spend your time than saying “some day I’ll get my blog set up…” or waiting till you have the funds to outsource it. Just do it – today. Right now, while you’re still on this page.

Set Up Your WordPress Blog Today by Simply Clicking Here

P.S. Why should you outsource your blog setup and pay an “expert” when you can do it – quickly and simply – yourself, in roughly about an hour?

Remember “WordPress Blog Setup Blueprint” is backed by our 30-day “no questions asked” guarantee so simply download it now and create a stronger business presence today.



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