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Virtual Assistant Business Success Blueprint

Virtual Assistant Business Success Blueprint

Our flagship program, the VA Blueprint is a 6-part video series geared to the beginner VA, as well as the more seasoned virtual assistant who is looking to get back to the basics, set up effective systems and build and grow to success.

In this program, you’ll learn everything from setting up your business the right way, what essentials you need to include in your website, how to market yourself and your business, to juggling multiple clients.

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Professional Real Estate Assistant Training & Certification

 Professional Real Estate Assistant

A knowledgeable and trained Real Estate Assistant is in hot demand. We have the courses that cover it all.

In conjunction with our sister education company REA University, the Professional Real Estate Assistant Certificate Program covers a wide array of topics – Everything from the basics to niche services that you can learn to help you better assist your agents and make you a “hot commodity” in the real estate industry.

Upon completion of the REA University Certification Program, the successful student will receive a CPREA designation (Certified Professional Real Estate Assistant) to show prospective clients and employers their dedication to their education and profession.

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Online Marketing Manager Certification Program

Online Marketing Manager Certification

It’s time to differentiate yourself from the sea of other service providers.

In just 10 modules, you’ll learn everything you really need to know about online marketing; the skills, the programs, the knowledge-base, the techniques and tools for tracking metrics, effective team management, biz-building strategies, and more.

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Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start

Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start

Not ready for the full Online Marketing Manager Certification program? Maybe you need to get the foundations before jumping in. This is the program for you.

OMM Kick-Start is a lite version of the intensive Online Marketing Manager Certification program. But make no mistake, that doesn’t mean it’s light work (you’ve got to be really committed to get the most out of it).

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This is a specialized program for the VA looking to work with ADHD clients. This self-paced study program prepares you to identify ADHD clients, partner with them through success strategies and retain these high-achieving entrepreneurs. The course also touches on how to market to this community and fill your practice with this incredible niche.

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Product Launch Training

Product Launch Success

Do you feel frustrated or afraid, when it comes to helping your client launch a new product? Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with a product launch that was an embarrassing flop.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of product creation or ready to launch today, no one ever plans to fail. We all want launches that are wildly successful: Launches that propel your clients to instant fame in their niche, with profits flooding in every day.

“Instant fame” is something that happens to few – but lasting, solid success can be closer than you think. The really sad part is… the actions you need to take to achieve this are not that complex at all. Learn the ins and outs in the Product Launch Success course and your clients will be calling you Hero.

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JV Marketing

Joint Venture Marketing

Many of the top-level entrepreneurs use joint venture (JV) partnerships to grow their businesses and as a high-level virtual assistant or one who aspires to be, you need to understand the processes involved and how you can best support the two parties.

“Joint Venture Marketing: Creating Profitable Partnerships For Long-Term Growth” will tell you everything you need to know.

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Online Marketing Funnel

Online Marketing Funnel Training

Online marketing is changing faster than Lady Gaga’s wigs… but one thing that never changes is the importance of marketing funnel creation to your marketing success.

Knowing what your marketing funnel is going to look like is as important as coffee beans to coffee.  Without a marketing funnel, you won’t be able to build a list or create a steady, consistent income flow.  You’ll leave “gaps” in your online presence and hurt your reputation by appearing to be inconsistent and unprofessional.

A marketing funnel is what separates the amateurs from the pros… and having a marketing funnel also takes the guesswork out of your business, helping you run it smoothly and with confidence.

In this series of four lessons, we’re going to show you how to build strong, solid marketing funnels from scratch.  Once you’ve grasped the principles, you can apply this structure to all your online ventures. (Hint: You should have a separate marketing funnel for every campaign.)

This Training Program Includes:

  • Four In-Depth Lessons
  • 6 Make-It-Easy-For-You Step-By-Step Checklists
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Hiring Subcontractors

Increase Your Profits: A Virtual Assistant’s Guide to Working with Subcontractors

In this special report, you’ll learn:

  • What Subcontractors Can Do For You As a Virtual Assistants
  • Benefits for Subcontractor and Service Provider
  • Ten Tips to Hiring Trustworthy Subcontractors
  • Communicating With Your Subcontractor
  • Choosing The Right Subcontractors
  • Paying Your Subcontractors
  • Importance Of A Trial Period When Hiring Subcontractors
  • How To Retain Clients When Subcontracting
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Tax Season for Small Business

Taking Care of (Tax) Business

  • How Long Should I Keep Tax Documents?
  • Often Overlooked Tax Deductions For Your Small Business
  • What Your Accountant Needs From You, The Small Business Owner
  • How To Pick the Right Accountant for Your Small Business
  • 10 Simple Tax Time Tips
  • Online Tax Preparation Software Reviews
  • 5 Smart Ways To Use Your Small Business Tax Refund
  • Defining Deductible Expenses For Small Business Owners
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WordPress Blog Setup

WordPress Blog Setup

Why Make Setting Up Your Blog in WordPress Any Harder (or More Expensive) than it Needs to Be?

We’ve written this detailed but practical “How to” guide, “WordPress Blog Setup Blueprint ”, to help you get set up in less than afternoon… with a thorough optimized blog using up-to-date information to provide powerful positioning.

This is not a labor-intensive membership course: Nor will you have to pay a fortune to outsource. Just grab your guide, sit down…and go!

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Understanding Google Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics

  • Introduction: What Is Website Analytics?
  • Who Needs Website Analytics and Why?
  • How to Set Up Google Analytics
  • How to Set Up Email Reports
  • Website Statistics Terms to Learn
  • Referring Sites
  • Keywords And The Search Engines
  • Content By Title
  • Using The Google Analytics Overlay

* Also receive a BONUS report from Nicole Dean: How to Get Incoming One-Way Links

1Shopping Cart Step-by-Step Guide

1ShoppingCart Step-By-Step How-To Process Guide

1Shoppingcart is an all-in-one shopping cart system that allows you to manage your products, mailing lists, affiliate program and more. It comes with many features and different levels of service so you can easily choose what you want and upgrade/downgrade as your needs change.

Includes step-by-step instructions and screenshots HOW-TO:

  • Set up the cart
  • Add products
  • Set up an affiliate program
  • Add affiliate tools
  • Create mailing lists and autoresponders
  • Send broadcast messages
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