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Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start
Attention: Service Professionals Looking to Sharpen Your Online Marketing Skills and Get Higher-Paying Clients

Get ready to learn the skills no one else is teaching you about online marketing.

Tap into the breakthrough toolkit that could make a huge difference in your confidence level and your income…

In other words: “Increase your value, increase your sales!”

Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start

Dear creative online marketing support professional,

Congratulations on being a hungry, ambitious go-getter who’s ready to jump on this amazing opportunity to boost your online marketing expertise.

You clearly understand that in order to grow your business, you need to grow your skills.

Great! Because now you have the opportunity to learn one complete system for managing all major areas of online marketing for your high-level clients.

It’s all here in one place.

And it won’t take you years and years to complete it and implement it. Never mind the thousands of dollars (and tons of time) it would cost you to search out and study separate programs.

There’s only one way to stand out

You may already be really good at certain parts of the marketing puzzle but you might not know ALL of the components of online marketing. And you’re not sure how to pull them into a system that gets great results for your clients – ultimately making more money for you.

You may find yourself continually being passed over because your business and your service offering look exactly like everyone else’s. Let’s face it – it’s a VERY crowded marketplace.

Google & Bing Results

There’s social media specialists, launch specialists, SEO specialists. There are people who are really good at back-end sales strategies, and providers who act as JV brokers and affiliate managers.

How the heck are you supposed to make yourself stand out with all that competition?

You could be burning through clients because the methods you’re trying (or the lack of systems) aren’t getting promised results so, you ditch the client to move onto the next – which, whether you realize it or not, is burning bridges and can seriously hurt your reputation.

You need tried and true methods and systems to get those results and keep satisfied clients who will happily refer you to their friends and colleagues.

But to pull all this together and get all the pieces you need in online marketing, it requires buying 20 different programs (from list building, to SEO, to product launches, to affiliate management, etc, etc, etc.), investing well over $20K to get it… and spend a decade or more to master it all.

And that’s NOT what Pam wants for you… that’s why she created this program.

OMM Kick-Start is for you if you:

  • thrive on and value the flexibility of self-study.
  • are considering the full intensive certification program but aren’t sure if it’s exactly right for you.
  • simply want to hone your online marketing skills so you can offer advanced services to your clients and prospects. (And as such, higher fees.)

So, let’s take a look at what you’ll learn:

Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start Curriculum

Now don’t be fooled by what looks like a seemingly light laundry list of subjects to study. You’ll soon find (in fact, right from the first video) that there is a ton of depth to these modules. In fact, Pam left no stone unturned when bringing together all this great info.

So what’s the investment for this comprehensive, university-level training that will fast-track you to more clients and cash?

Pay the fee in full now or break it up into
3 payments of $145


Quite frankly, you’re getting an amazing offer.

For instance, if we broke down every single nugget of knowledge that you receive in every one of the 6 modules, add the work-ready templates, checklists, etc., and all the cool stuff you get in the reference library PLUS access to the private OMM Kick-Start Facebook support community…well, you get the idea.

Incredibly, all this quality learning for less than the price of 2 hours of individual, private coaching with Pam.

But that’s Pam. She’s so committed to making this affordable for you (we couldn’t talk her out of it), that she went against typical industry pricing for an amazing package of this magnitude.

Before we go any further, let’s get a few things clear.

Here’s what the OMM Kick-Start Program is and what it’s not:

  • OMM Kick-Start is a lighter version of the intensive Online Marketing Manager Certification program. But make no mistake, that doesn’t mean it’s light work (you’ve got to be really committed to get the most out of it).
  • OMM Kick-Start does not offer any group Q&A calls or one-on-one calls/emails with instructor Pam Ivey (these are only available in the full certification program).
  • OMM Kick-Start includes a Facebook group where students can discuss the modules, compare homework, ask questions and share what’s going on for them in their businesses. Pam monitors this group regularly. In fact, she typically starts the discussions and encourages everyone to participate. That’s how committed she is to each and every student getting what they need to keep moving forward (a great quality she’s known for).

Sound good?

Great!  So, Here’s How the OMM Kick-Start Program Works

  1. Once we’ve received your payment, you’ll receive your OMM Kick-Start Welcome Package. In it, you’ll find some pre-work that, once complete, will help you throughout the program.
  2. You’ll also get immediately get access to the OMM Kick-Start program, including lessons, exercises and additional resources (e.g. downloadable PDF transcripts, templates, resource sheets and checklists, your very own reference library). Simply log in and go to work!
  3. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to work on each subject area before moving on to the next. The modules are taught in a specific order as they progress you step-by-step through, with each advancing your foundation of knowledge.
  4. You’ll have lifetime access to the content to review whenever you need!

But if you’re really pumped and want to move faster, then, imagine this…

How exciting would it be to begin offering new services to your existing and potential clients before the program is even over? It’s totally doable! That’s how in-depth each module is.

Just be sure you really understand and integrate the knowledge you learn so you can confidently offer your new skills to your clients.

In fact, that’s what it’s been like for students who’ve been through the full intensive certification option. A lot of them had new clients before program even finished!

Like Brenda, she did such an incredible job with her final presentation, her case study client, a very high-level and highly-visible business owner in the online coaching and training space, hired her on the spot. They’re enjoying working together and have produced some great results already for his business (and hers!).

The course was great value! Well worth the investment AND I’ve already taken on OMM clients as a result. Clients I would not have been qualified to serve had I not. I have MORE than recouped my investment.

The potential ROI is so great that you can’t afford not to take this step. I wish I had done it years ago.

Every aspect of online marketing was covered… nothing was left out.

Elayne Whitfield, OMMC, OMM Solutions

Here’s what makes the OMM Kick-Start Program different…

There is no other training of this kind in the industry. Yep, that’s right. It’s never been done before!

But Pam continues to receive rave reviews.

That’s because she backs her OMM training programs with well over 10 years experience in online (and offline) marketing AND countless consultations with industry professionals – both service providers and high-level business owners.

In short, she really has her finger on the pulse.

And that’s why the result has been nothing less than amazing. Pam’s OMMC graduates have gone on to expand their businesses exponentially and command higher fees while making a huge positive impact on their clients businesses. Clients who highly value their expertise.

Pam was an EXCELLENT instructor and certainly is a complete wealth of information and knowledge in her field.

I would not hesitate to jump into any course Pam teaches in the future.

Melissa Polischuk

Like our certified graduates, in order to be successful, you have to study all the materials, do the homework and exercises. And that means you have to be really committed.

After all, you want your money’s worth, right?

Still not convinced?

Well, look at it this way…if you don’t want to change your business for the better, then you don’t have to:

  • enroll in the only online marketing program of its kind in the industry aimed squarely at savvy service providers like you.
  • look forward to learning from the Number One Expert on the subject who has the ear of both sides of the desk.
  • relish in discovering key tools that will make your job so much easier and make you even more attractive to prospects.
  • decide if you should finally be paid what you’re worth (recurring revenue is a HUGE boon in this biz model).

Sure, you can stay where you are, in the coziness of your status quo…it’s up to you.

Pam Ivey is hands-down one of the best instructors I know.

I know how tirelessly she works to mentor, support and train, so anytime there is a chance to connect with her through any of these ways, you must do so! I have no doubt this course is amazing, as everything else Pam does always is.

Tina Forsyth,
Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start

I know that some of you may be considering taking this to a higher level and actually getting certified.

Good news! Go ahead and sign up for the OMM Kick-Start without any stress or worries. You can still say yes today. If after you’ve finished the Kick-Start and you’d like to go deeper and get your certification, we’ll credit you the ENTIRE KICK-START TUITION toward your investment.

How cool is that?!

Imagine knowing how to help a client double their list in the next 12 months using simple strategies like this that Pam shows you in the Online Marketing Kick-Start program. Imagine their income growing because they’ll be so much busier with all those leads, which makes you busier, and also grows your income!

I promise your money and time will be worth it!

Online Marketing Manager Kick-Start

(Get started right now for just $145)

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The training and tools in this program can and will make a difference in your career. We guarantee it.

Please try our training program for 30 days and use the tools, templates, and online marketing information you learn. If you are still not convinced you will gain more knowledge and confidence after you complete module 1, simply contact us for a 100%  refund.

Supporting your online marketing success,
Pam Ivey

P.S. Online businesses continue to evolve. Which means online business owners will always have a need for savvy service providers who are armed with the right kind of in-depth online marketing knowledge. So if you want to get in on the ground floor on this exciting, new industry, better grab your spot now.

P.P.S. There’s no one else out there offering this kind of real-world online marketing training. It’s so topical. In fact, it’s so fresh and evergreen that it’s like delving into today’s news wires to get the latest tools and techniques, with an eye firmly placed on what’s coming down the pike. Register now to get in the game before it passes you by!

P.P.P.S. Have questions about the program? Drop us a line at

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