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Brenda Rivas

“Looking for an uplevel?”

“It’s really hard to find certification programs that contribute to the upleveling of skills and mindset AND also provide a supportive community.

Pam Ivey’s Online Marketing Manager Certification program has exceeded my expectations.  The modules are very informative and contain ready to implement strategies.  In addition,  the support of the community is priceless.

I highly recommend the OMM program to anyone who is looking uplevel their services and implement a solid business model that  takes everything to another level of success.”

– Brenda Rivas, OMMC,

“We’re just 3 modules in out of ten and I feel my investment has already been paid back in multiples.”

– Brenda Violette, OMMC, Violette Business Services

Brenda Violette
Cris Gerster

“I love the fact that it’s all here – everything I need – in one comprehensive program.

There’s no more hunting to find training I need here, there and everywhere. There’s no need to shell out $1,000’s getting the knowledge I need. There’s no more spending literally years getting what I need because it’s all here.”

– Chris Gerster, OMMC,

Stephanie Watson

“It’s amazing. I went to graduate school online at the University of Alabama in an award winning program for Human Environmental Science with a specialization in Interactive Technology and some of my classes weren’t as well made as this.”

~ Stephanie Watson, Barry Publishing

Elayne Whitfield

“Every aspect of online marketing was covered…nothing was left out.”

“The course was great value! Well worth the investment AND I’ve already taken on OMM clients as a result. Clients I would not have been qualified to serve had I not. I have MORE than recouped my investment.

The potential ROI is so great that you can’t afford not to take this step. I wish I had done it years ago.”

~ Elayne Whitfield, OMM Solutions

Joann Snell

“Pam, you over delivered with the Online Marketing Manager Certification course. Thanks!”

“You will get more value out of the Online Marketing Manager Certification course than you think. It is loaded with information!

I knew more about marketing than I gave myself credit for. Also I learned what it takes to do the managing aspect of marketing for others wanting my services. Things such as doing product launches, planning and strategy sessions, and managing my team. The program was laid out set-by step and includes forms and examples so I didn’t have to start from scratch.

I would definitely recommend Pam’s course! It’s loaded with all the marketing information you need and then some. You will get more value out of the Online Marketing Manager Certification course than you think. It is loaded with information!”

~ Joann Snell, Jo’s Graphic Designs, LLC

Joann Snell

“I’m taking my online marketing skills another level higher and getting great advice on how to build my own business at the same time.  The camaraderie in the group is wonderful!”

~ Susan Ratz, Milkweed Marketing

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