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The Online Marketing Manager Certification Program is led by Pam Ivey and provided in conjunction with the International Association of Online Marketing Managers (IAOMM).


IAOMMThe International Association of Online Marketing Managers supports its members in the continued development of online marketing management skills, underlying knowledge and professional growth, and to enhance business opportunities and contributions to the online community.

IAOMM supports those individuals and firms that provide online marketing management services.

The Association is proactive in encouraging its members to further their education and enhance their business opportunities by continuously upgrading their skills and professionalism. Association members are encouraged to obtain the Certified Online Marketing Manager (OMMC) designation.


Pam IveyThroughout my entrepreneurial career over the last 16 years, I have grown and evolved from a virtual assistant, to a large multi-VA team owner (earning six-figures when it was virtually unheard of in the industry), to founder and owner of several industry associations, to mentor and coach, to educator and online business consultant.

Along the way, I’ve learned to stay on the cutting edge, which has allowed me to command higher fees and greater respect from my peers, colleagues and clients.

I’ve done this through a variety of methods, but nothing stands out more than education.

As a virtual assistant, I began at a rate of $25 per hour and by the time I retired from the field about four years ago, my rates were $65 and $75 per hour — and I was getting them, with a full compliment of clients.

How did I do this?

I continually sought out reputable, in-depth training and learning opportunities to stay up-to-date and build on the knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years in the online world. Then I let my clients (and the online world) know what new services I could provide for them and the rest, as they say, is history…

I’ve been quite successful in the Internet marketing world as well, as I began dabbling in passive income generation early in my years as a small business owner. I quickly added affiliate marketing to the mix and was soon earning the equivalent of a sizable mortgage each month. This prompted me to delve deeper in the online marketing world and do everything possible to master this lucrative avenue.

For several years, I sailed the ocean blue each January with literally hundreds of others on Mike Filsaime’s Internet Marketers Cruise. It’s amazing what you can learn on a cruise ship with a bunch of relaxed, sharing and fun successful marketers. I’ve also studied with top “gurus” in this space like Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern and Brendon Bouchard, and I’ve learned a ton along the way.

Because of my strong online marketing background, I was in high demand by clients seeking support in this very area.

Let me tell you – there aren’t many in the support services field who can offer a comprehensive service in online marketing. They can offer specialties in certain areas — like social media, ecommerce, even launch specialists are popping up here and there, but to understand the full scope of online marketing, the pickings are slim. I know because I was so busy serving clients in this space, that I just couldn’t take on any more and I search high and low for people I could refer them to… and I just couldn’t find them.

So, I woke up one morning and thought, “Dang! I should teach others how to become Online Marketing Managers!”

That was a couple of years ago…

Since then, I’ve been writing and rewriting curriculum, creating templates and compiling resources, and I sought out a partner who could offer a solid foundation in online marketing. I found THE perfect one, and they agreed with excitement to join me in offering the Online Marketing Manager Certification Program. This training company that I partnered with supplies this very program that will be offered in the Online Marketing Manager Certification Program to many of the top universities in the U.S. — at a very hefty price, I might add.

This is not a fluffy, light, easy program. This is a serious, intensive, comprehensive program. One that’s going to teach you how to become a bonafied knowledgeable, able and confident Certified Online Marketing Manager.

The investment will be a stretch for some of you. I get that and I can totally relate to it. I’ve signed up for programs when I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pay for them. But you know what? Because I applied myself — really took in what I learned and used it in my business as soon as I mastered each new skill, I made more money, and was able to use that extra money to pay for my education. It’s SO important to invest in yourself and your business. Your income will definitely thank you for it.

It’s ok if you just want to be a social media manager, a marketing coordinator or consultant, a virtual assistant, or what have you. You can continue to eke out a living and continue to get lost in a sea of others who offer the same thing. OR… you can step it up, get out of your comfort zone, and learn the ins and outs of becoming a Certified Online Marketing Manager, truly set yourself apart, and command higher fees. In fact, I’ll show you how you can remove the cap on your income altogether!

And you know what? You don’t have to do it all yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t do it all yourself. But it’s important that you understand each aspect of online marketing, in order to direct a team, contractors or a client’s employees to carry out the tasks necessary to achieve the desired results.

Supporting your success,
Pam Ivey
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee
Online Marketing Expert | Speaker | Trainer | Coach
Pam Ivey International | www.PamIvey.com

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