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ADHD VAThere are 8 million clients waiting for you!

This is a specialized program for the VA looking to work with ADHD clients. This self-paced study program prepares you to identify ADHD clients, partner with them through success strategies and retain these high-achieving entrepreneurs. The course also touches on how to market to this community and fill your practice with this incredible niche.

Are you a VA who would like clients with these traits:

  • Creativity, imagination and humor.
  • Hyperfocus (the ability to focus on a task and block out all external stimulus).
  • Boundless energy and spontaneity.
  • Ability to be a problem solver and think “outside the box”.
  • Intense passion.

Clients with those amazing traits may also have:

  • Inconsistent performance in jobs or careers; losing or quitting jobs frequently.
  • A history of career underachievement.
  • Poor ability to manage day-to-day responsibilities (e.g. maintenance of tasks, paying bills, organizing things).
  • Relationship problems due to not completing tasks, forgetting important things, or getting upset easily over minor things.
  • Chronic stress and worry due to failure to accomplish goals and meet responsibilities.
  • Chronic and intense feelings of frustration, guilt or blame.

That’s because there are approximately 8 million diagnosed individuals with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in the US and millions more that have ADHD traits, but are undiagnosed. If you have ever worked with clients that embody some of the above, you know how much fun they can be, AND how frustrating they can be.

Barbara Luther (an ADHD expert) along with Jacki Opferman will carry you through a eight-week training program designed to:

  • introduce you to the ADHD market.
  • provide you with a VA ADHD index to see if you are right for this market.
  • train you in the strategies to better serve this community.

The ADHD/VA Training Program includes seven one-hour training audios, an ADHD/VA 60-page workbook and a graduation certification tag for your website.

Here’s what’s covered in this comprehensive course:

  • Understanding ADHD
  • ADHD Traits
  • Identifying Your Client’s Learning Style
  • Useful ADHD Tactics
  • Applying Your ADHD Understanding
  • Marketing Your ADHD Specialty
  • ADHD Resources

**This is a self-paced, self-study program**

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