Get online training and personal coaching from people
who’ve walked in your shoes…

Wondering what course is right for you or how to connect the dots when building out marketing plans for your business?

The Virtual Assistant Training Academy was formed to offer a one-stop shop for all the training and support entrepreneurs need to run a thriving online business.

We provide live and self-study programs and private coaching geared to:

  • virtual assistants at all levels (start up to 6 figures and beyond)
  • a myriad of online business owners (savvy entrepreneurs from all walks)
  • and real estate assistants (both virtual and on-site).

Up-to-date training —> Why reinvent the wheel when you can easily gain the latest knowledge and in-demand skills that our instructors have already mastered?

Real-world coaching —>Why go it alone when you can rely on bending the ear of a virtual business owner who’s been where you are?

With more than 40 years of experience between them, Pam and Alicia are two fun, hardworking gals who really know their stuff. They’ve walked the talk, got the T-shirts, burned a few bridges here and there, and did a TON of stumbling and falling. But they’ve persevered.

Bottom line? They’re here to help you succeed by taking the guesswork out of how to become a VA, how to run your business and scale it beyond what you thought possible. There are a lot of roads you could take on this journey. So why not get the real-world scoop from these two passionate trailblazers who’ve done it all in the VA world and lived to tell the tale? 🙂

Meet Pam Ivey

Pam IveyWhether enjoying the world’s longest freshwater beach or snowed in at home in central Ontario, tripping the light fantastic on a cruise or living with the locals in Buenos Aires, Pam Ivey is the perfect example of a successful entrepreneur who’s living the life most people only dream of.

“Running a business online should be a blast,” she says, with a big smile. “I’ve found a fun and highly ethical way to make money online for over 15 years and I’m here to help you do the same!”

While all things business have been a passion for over 20 years, Pam’s foray into the world of online marketing started from humble beginnings. After her first marriage went south, which ousted her from the family business, a multi-million dollar brick and mortar lighting and wholesale electrical supply company, she was forced back into corporate where she worked as a senior manager for “Satan’s Wife”. Having to get the heck outta dodge, she stumbled across the online world of virtual assistance and putting her hard-earned management, sales and marketing experience to work, started running and quickly growing a successful Internet-based business.

Then she quickly rose to fame in the virtual world.

Pam practically exploded onto the scene, building and growing a large successful multi-virtual assistance team. This introduced her not only to what would become several long-term clients like coaches, speakers, authors and other entrepreneurs, but to a community of like-minded virtual players who were hungry for information on how to crush it as an online business owner. She also quickly mastered the art of creating multiple streams of income that has continually supported her busy travel and social life.

Pam’s fast and savvy knowhow became her calling card right from the start.

In the mid-2000’s, she created several virtual assistant communities such as the Canadian Virtual Assistant Network (CVAN), REVA Institute and the Coaches, Authors, Speakers Professional Assistants Association. Eventually the popular virtual CVAN portal grew so large that she had to take on a partner in order to run it. The name was changed to the Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants, which she recently successfully sold for a very cool sum. Along the way, she also began the Virtual Assistant Training Academy (2009) and the Professional Real Estate Assistant training and certification program (2008), which is the only program like it on the market today that trains both virtual and on-site real estate assistants in all aspects of becoming a dynamite and highly-valued real estate support professional.

Pam has also graced many stages and brought her voice to countless radio and magazine interviews, dolling out timely sage advice on the perils of running an online business without a proper strategic marketing plan, how to win friends and influence buyers, how to make the leap from employee to online biz owner, and much more.

Not one to blow her own horn too much, one particular honour she received is just too cool for her not to mention…she’s been nominated for the coveted Canadian RBC Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award five years in a row.

Pam’s passion is training, coaching and speaking. She supports virtual assistants at all levels, online business owners from start-up to 6 figures and beyond, and budding and experienced real estate assistants to blast past typical pitfalls and put tried and tested marketing and admin systems in place that work. Course, make a lot of moola while doing it, too. 🙂

How does Pam envision her life?

“I want to live in a world filled with innovative and profitable businesses, powerful laptops that come bundled with Dare Ultimate Fudge cookies, and a force field around my keyboard that repels cats,” she quips.

When she’s not speaking, coaching or creating courses to help small business owners and real estate professionals prosper and grow, you can find Pam surfing the ‘Net, plotting her next travel destination, hanging out with her best buddies watching the latest flick, or snuggling upon the sofa with the world’s cutes kittens, Zoe and Shayla.

Meet Alicia Jay

Alicia JayOn any given day, Alicia Jay can be found gardening, listening to music, riding on the back of her husband’s Harley or trying to keep up with her on-the-go little boy.

Oh, and of course, working and connecting online.

And that boy? Well he came along at a very interesting time.

You see, Alicia is the quintessential work-at-home mom whose tenacity to become a virtual assistant and support her growing family has paid off rather nicely.

A chance lay-off in 2009 from a job where she was a business manager, propelled the change to working virtually and becoming her own boss.

Sounds like fun, right?

Er, well…to complicate matters just a tad, Alicia found out she was pregnant. Looking for another management job in a brick and mortar setting wasn’t going to cut it since she’d have to go off soon for maternity leave. Disappointed (yes, there were MANY sleepless nights) but not daunted, Alicia entered into a massive online search for jobs she could do from home, and voila, she stumbled upon the virtual assistant industry.

Next she simply put her head down and got to work.

Sure, there was a LOT of trial and error. And no funds to take any course or get a coach. But she still made things happen.

Luckily, she met colleagues and joint venture partners who spurred her on to take her business to the next level. And soon she was helping pay the bills and happily working at home while looking after her growing bundle of joy.

She was doing so well that other VAs started flocking to her for advice, she eventually transitioned into her current role as a business and marketing coach to virtual assistants. Her passion and purpose is encouraging women to follow their dreams of having a business that works around their lives–not the other way around!

Alicia also dishes out a ton of work-a-day VA advice by being a contributing author and podcaster at the VA Helper Blog & Podcast and a regular author at the Work-at-Home Success blog. To boot, she’s also been interviewed in numerous publications and websites including Woman’s World magazine, First for Women magazine, the Work-at-Home Success podcast and Stress Relief Solutions radio show.

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